Cornerstone Church

Building Project

New church frontage

roof with tiles

The roof nears completion

Burying the time capsule

Burying time capsule 1 Burying time capsule 2

Pastor Brian Wiggins was present  on 11th May as the metal time capsule containing a prayer of blessing for all who enter the building was concealed under the floor at the threshold. 

Arrangements during the works

Work will continue until the end of July 2017. The workmen will work from approximately 7.30am to 4.30pm Mondays to Fridays, but possibly Saturdays if the work falls behind schedule. 

Temporary toilets (including an accessible toilet) are available.

Some parts of the church are not be available during the project, for health and safety reasons. As it is a building site, we regret there will inevitably some noise. As the contractor has sealed off the area to be demolished and rebuilt, there is no evidence of dust entering the church during use. 

There is ample on-street parking in Anstey Road and Holloway Avenue while the church car park is unavailable, but please do not park by the side entrance as this is needed as a dropping off point.


The original church building was opened in October 1956 and since then has served a growing community with a number of weekly and community group activities.   We have outgrown the space available and are now in a position to extend the church building. 

A new estate has been completed across the road with fifty new homes. We have already forged strong links with the Community Centre, as well as the new residents.

Another reason for needing more space in the church!

For more details of the plans, go to the Bournemouth Council website.
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