Meet The Team

Joint Church Leaders

Toby and Hannah

Toby and Hannah Butler are joint church leaders of Cornerstone Church.

Head Elder

Image of Mary James 

Mary James is Head Elder (and has never lost a game of badminton!)

Youth and Children's Worker

Marie Willis

Marie Willis is our full-time youth and children's worker.


Image of Ann BrignallAnn Brignall          

Image of Ian CollierIan Collier              

Image of Heather HensbyHeather Hensby   

Image of John HensbyJohn Hensby         

Image of Hilary MossHilary Moss           

Jacqui Underwood image  Jacqui Underwood  

Image of Madeleine ParishMadeleine Parish  

Image of RoseMarie PhilipsRoseMarie Philips 

Image of Trish StorerTrish Storer